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January 8, 2012

Sweet Home Chicago

by Alfredo

I was having a scotch last night with Stinky Pop and we were discussing the lyrics to Sweet Home Chicago.  The song was originally recorded by Robert Johnson in the 30s as part of his famous 29 songs (no, Ralph Macchio, there was no 30th unrecorded song so quit asking).  The lyrics sung by Johnson, apparently questionable due to their geographical impossibility (“Back to the land of California, to my sweet home Chicago”), were changed by other artists to the now popular “Back to that same ol’ place…”

Traditionally, artists have changed the lyrics to suit their tastes.  The most alternative version I’ve heard is Buddy Guy’s here.  Generally, everyone has different versions of the “counting verses.”  While we like the horn section in the Blues Brother’s version it has, perhaps, the least number of them and one made up specifically for the movie (“Look there brother baby and see what I see” pointing to the Chicago detective sitting up in the balcony.

The question is what version to sing?  We don’t have the horn section of the Blues Brothers band, but we can groove it up with the sax and keyboards.  Eric Clapton’s version is pretty bluesy.  But there are a number of verses to choose from:

Now one and one is two mama, two and two is four
I’m heavy loaded baby, I’m booked I’ve got to go

Well, one and one is two, six and two is eight
Come on baby, don’t you make me late

Now six and two is eight, eight and two is ten
When your wife she trick you one time, she sure gonna do it again


Or we can just make up our own:

Well, two and two is four, four and five is nine
Keep on dancin’ there, baby, ’cause you’re looking mighty fine

Now three and three is six, six and six is twelve
Baby why don’t you get me some scotch off that top shelf

I guess we’ll figure it out this weekend at rehearsal

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